Hi! I’m Christine! I grew up in beautiful, rainy Portland Oregon. I failed my high school photography class. Probably because I was less interested in the technicalities of photography and more moved by people. Maybe because 17 year old me thought school was lame. I guess we'll never know. I am driven by emotion and motion. I simply just photograph what I find beautiful. Love is the most beautiful thing to capture. When I say love, I don’t mean a large wedding with tons of people. I’m talking about that moment when your husband looks into your eyes and your heart warms. When sisters lean on each other for support. When you slip into that sexy little number because you are in love with yourself. When you touch your belly, and feel life growing inside of you. I live to capture those moments.  I certainly have my own style, as all photographers do, but I make it a personal goal to get to know each client so I am able to envision how they see themselves, how they see beauty, then translate that through my lens. I am in love with what I do. Being a photographer gives me so much joy and fulfillment, it is my true passion. My husband and I live here in Portland and strive to be a home for those seeking safety and love. Together we have been fostering rescue dogs since 2010 and in the beginning of 2017, we started fostering children.

Featured Publications:  Pocket Full of Dreams, Project Wedding, Wedding Wire, Love Wed Bliss, Wedding Chicks, The Lovely Find and Portland Mercury